You are skilled at asking questions and getting them answered.

Check: You can gain information from a NPC with a successful check. The DC of this check depends on the creature's starting attitude towards you, adjusted by its Wisdom modifier. Each Check represents 10 minutes of your chosen style of questioning.

  • Succeed - If you succeed, you gain the answer to one question posed. For every 5 by which you r check result exceeds the DC, you gain the answer to one additional question.
  • Fail - If you fail your check by 4 or less, the creature will not answer any questions. If you fail by 5 or more, they will give you false information requiring a Sense Motive check for the interrogator to know it is false information.

You cannot user Interrogate against a creature that does not understand you or has an Intelligence of 3 or less.

Retry: You are able to use Interrogate against a target multiple times but you must wait 1d4 hours between each roll.

The Interrogate skill may be added to the following classes as a class skill: Cleric, Inquisitor, Oracle, and Rogue.